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For 50 years, Crouzet Motors has been an expert in electro-mechanical and magnetic circuit technologies, developing complete, customized, motorization solutions, including motors, DC geared motors, brush and brushless motors and geared motors, electronic boards, synchronous motors, stepper motors and linear motors. Crouzet Motors’ vast ranges of brush and brushless DC motors are designed to operate in the most demanding environments, in mission-critical applications where security and reliability are crucial.

Covering a power range from 1 to 400 Watts, with flexibilities to combine with straight, worm or planetary gearboxes and adapted controls, Crouzet motors can be customized for specific applications in machinery and medical equipment, railway applications, and aerospace, as well as industry, pumps, access control, water treatment, advertising panels, etc.




Crouzet Motors DC Mind Product Demonstration

Brushless Motor


Brushed Motor


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