ebm-papst, the world’s leading source for engineered air movement solutions, provides a “total solution” approach to your cooling requirements using their extensive in-house resources. Custom assemblies are designed by their engineers to your specifications for a wide range of applications. Sheet metal fabrication and finishing / painting is performed on their extensive line of state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring superior quality and maximum flexibility in the manufacturing process. Custom assembly incorporating ebm-papst air movers, custom PCBs, power supplies, electronic filters, air filters, wire harnesses, labeling, fasteners / connectors / accessories, and more is performed on site.

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ebmpapst Digital Compact Modules

Diagonal Compact Modules

ebmpapst ACi4400 Series

ACi4400 Series

ebmpapst RadiCal® Impellers

RadiCal® Impellers

ebmpapst Cooling Solutions for LEDs

Cooling Solutions for LEDs

ebmpapst IP68 Fans

IP68 Fans

 ebmpapst IP68 Fan

IP68 Success Story

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