Steinhauer ModCenter

Steinhauer ModCenter

Cut Lead Times in Half!


The Steinhauer ModCenter allows for the customer to have order flexibility. Lead times are no longer an issues where all phases of the ordering process takes place right here at Simcona.  Taking the "middle man" out of the order equation allows for last minute changes on custom enclosure orders; easily create one-off orders or small batches. Steinhauer Mod Center

Increase Productivity 
Perform all necessary drilling, milling, tapping, circular milling and engraving.
Process materials including mild steel, stainless steel, non-metallic, aluminum, copper and more


Improve Quality 
Produce professional, repeatable holes & cutouts. 
No more "slightly misaligned" push buttons. 
No deburring needed! 

Custom enclosure modifications will be available now!