Value Add Services

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Simcona Electronics offers Value Add Services which provides the customer unique solutions rather than having to "work" on their end once material is received.  The products can go right to the production floor improving the throughput time by allowing material to arrive faster and as needed. 

Consignment: Product inventory at the customer location available for use as required. 

  • Benefit: Invoiced as inventory is utilized during the manufacturing process. 

KanBan: Program designed as a trigger mechanism to facilitate "Just-in-Time" deliveries of product by maintaining predetermined levels of inventory at Simcona and in the supply chain.

  • Benefit: Prevents stock out situations

Consolidated Shipments: Prevents multiple shipments 

  • Benefits: saving the customer money on freight and avoids multiple receipt transactions

Technical Support: Field Applications Engineer (FAE) on staff whose services are offered to customers as their needs arise.

  • Benefit: aid customer in product design and selection for new projects 

Flexible, innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions: Make sure the product(s) get to the customers safely and securely.

  • Benefit: Quality Control personnel assist in designing customer packaging needs based on product 

Re-Spool: Ability to customize cable/wire lengths to meet customer requirements while maintaining manufacturers UL certifications (Listed & Rated) 

  • Benefits: Material provided as needed to avoid additional handling 

Kitting: Customized packaging needs for individual unit builds  

  • Benefits: Eliminates needs to pick individual items