Electronic Parts Supply Chain Solutions

You know the cost of late, discontinued, and low-quality components. That’s why Simcona Electronics offers more than just a delivery – we’re a full supply chain solution, from inventory management to design consulting.

Simcona has racked up certifications and supplier partnerships since 1962, yet we remain a USA family-owned and -operated component distributor. To translate: We’re small enough to give you full attention, but powerful enough to have unparalleled access to high-demand and rare components. 

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Electronic Parts Supply

Don’t waste time, money, or the reputation your company spent years building by introducing bad parts into your mix. Leave the electronic supply chain solutions to an ISO 9001:2015-certified distributor of RoHS- and REACH-compliant products. 

If you need a distributor of hard-to-find electronic components with a reliable track record of on-time delivery, reach out to us. We can maintain your production uptime by:

  • Sharing our network of 200+ manufacturers
  • Locating and buying high-demand, specialty, & custom BOM items
  • Identifying alternative parts compatible with your design
  • Negotiating pricing & terms

Electronic components that Simcona supplies include:

  • Circuit protection
  • Connectors
  • Sensors
  • Labels
  • Fans
  • Multiconductor cables
  • Wires
  • Enclosures
  • HMIs
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Terminal blocks
  • Lighting
  • Much more – just ask

We’ll modify your enclosure with our high-speed CNC machining capabilities so you don’t have to send it to a second shop.

Cable & Wire Distribution

When safety and quality requirements are at stake, place your wire and cable distributor needs in an expert's hands. We source stock and custom cable for the best balance of price, quality, and delivery speed. Our team’s vast knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of cables means we can quickly match a product to your regulatory requirements and technical specs.

  • Buying in any quantity – from prototype to full production
  • Delivery to meet your production schedules
  • Certification for Label Transfer of UL Manufactured Wire

Whether you need robust power transmissions cables or intricate wiring for circuitry, our specialists can solve for your application with an exceptional product.

Wire and Cable Distrubition - spools on warehouse rack

Manufacturers List

Come share in our broad network of 200+ top electronic component sourcing solutions. We’ve spent nearly 65 years growing manufacturer relationships so you don’t have to rely on a single source of hope.

Our line card includes trustworthy brands like:

  • Belden
  • ABB
  • Honeywell
  • Many, many more

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Invetory ManagementBy wisely scheduling releases to control inventory, we maintain a great track record of on-time delivery to customers. Leverage our purchasing power and broad supplier network to balance cost, availability, and quality.

WarehousingWhy fumble around your cramped space for missing or poorly organized parts? Let your inventory stay at our 50,000 sq. ft. distribution facility, where it’ll remain safe and easy to access.

FufillmentUptime is money, so let’s look ahead before you suddenly lack a part that’s critical to operation. Our experts will help you stay ahead of the ever-changing supply chain by anticipating last-time buys, material shortages, and market fluctuations.

Fulfillment servicesOur wide-ranging fulfillment solutions include: 

▪️ Kitting
▪️ Packaging
▪️ Labeling
▪️ Respooling

These tailored services ensure your components are ready for immediate use, enhancing your supply chain efficiency and reducing lead times.

image002 (1)We’ll keep you prepared in a fast-moving industry by reliably supplying products key to smooth communication.

Our datacom supplier line card consists of:

▪️ Network connectivity components & hardware
▪️ Racks & enclosures
▪️ Labeling & barcoding 
▪️ Tools & test equipment
▪️ Cabling systems


Pw98Reg0No matter your business size, we can provide high-quality and cost-effective video surveillance solutions – not just products, but also training, samples, and demos.

Our IDIS Global product line includes:

▪️ Direct IP
▪️ HD network cameras & recorders
▪️ Video management
▪️ Remote access systems

About Simcona | An Electronic Component Distribution Company

Based in Rochester, N.Y., serves the United States with an unmatched blend of sourcing speed, quality, and customer service.

We’re always perfecting the people, processes, and positive impact of your buyer experience. Learn more about Simcona here:

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