Control Panel Manufacturing

We invest in people, systems, and facilities for the singular purpose of being the best source for industrial control panel manufacturing. Our team of panel assemblers can build-to-print or help you with the electrical and mechanical design. We can build a few control panel prototypes or build hundreds of control panels every month.

Our promise: Deliver defect-free industrial control panels on time, every time.


Why Control Panel Manufacturing?

  • Lack skilled resources?
  • Doing a lot of rework either in-house or (worse) in the field?
  • No floor space?
  • No room in your warehouse?
  • Can’t get the parts fast enough on your bill of materials?

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Control panels are manufactured in our flexible facility allowing us the ability to set up and tear down manufacturing lines quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary assembly stations protect the health of our assembly team and enable high levels of productivity.

We have implemented a Quality Management System where quality is built-in to every control panel because, at Simcona, everyone is trained as an active member of the quality department.

Purpose-Built Panel Manufacturing


Range of Control Panel Manufacturing Capabilities

Our panel design and assembly specialists are here to ensure you find the right solution to fit your industrial control panel application.


Control Panel Manufacturing | Services

Simcona operations, engineering, and production teams work with your team to build to any specifications. Our assembly expertise includes:

  • Built-to-print or custom builds
  • Applications include power, motor, automation, interface
  • Design & Engineering (Computer Aided Design)
  • Design for Manufacture, Cost, and Service
  • Design & Manufacturing of PLCs and SCADA Systems
  • Application Specific Embedded Control Systems
  • Conceptual design
  • Hardware and component specification
  • Testing, installation, and start-up
  • Prototyping & Testing

Control Panel Design | Industries Served

Simcona builds panels for many applications, including:

  • Lift systems
  • Transportation
  • Heavy/industrial equipment
  • Utility power distribution
  • Materials handling systems
  • Energy management
  • Oil & Gas transport
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Process automation
  • HVAC
  • Pump Systems
  • Food processing

Panel and Enclosure Modifications:

We can easily modify enclosures to add various holes and cutouts that even a skilled worker can't match. Our enclosure modification center provides:
Best-in-class cutting speeds.
Repeated precision.
Automated handling capabilities.
Bringing these capabilities in-house reduces lead time when compared to ordering customized enclosures straight from the manufacturer. Our enclosure modification machine automates what has typically been a manual process, modifying enclosures 6 - 8X faster than by hand. We understand that designs change and demand rises and falls. Not only can our sourcing specialists find the enclosure you need, but we can also warehouse them until they are ready for modification and assembly. 

In addition to our team of experts, Simcona’s control panel design division also boasts several industry certifications and affiliations, including: