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To power your innovative creations, you need access to essential components — quickly. With an extensive network of trusted suppliers and unparalleled industry expertise, Simcona is an industrial cable and wire distributor and solution for manufacturers. Whether you need robust cables for power transmission or intricate wiring for circuitry, our specialists can match your unique requirements to exceptional products.

Wire and Cable Distributions
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Wire & Cable Sourcing/Distribution

Quick access to a wide range of cable products is essential for your operational uptime and efficiency. We shortage-proof your supply by maintaining 200+ distribution partnerships with top component manufacturers like Belden, Berk-Tek, and General Cable. Our cable-sourcing specialists are always on hand to help you find the right product, whether it's a stock item or a custom solution.

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Simcona's value-added services include:

  • Fulfillment -- a track record of on-time delivery to ensure your continuous uptime
  • Warehousing -- a well-organized space so you don't clog up yours
  • Custom labeling -- for safer, more efficient assembly & repair
  • Custom sizes -- cut to length for reduced cost & install time
  • Spooling -- many sizes & options to make machine setup easy

Our experts are highly knowledgeable about trends and innovations in the electrical cable and wire industry -- and how they affect your business. Whether you need help with sourcing, product recommendations, or technical support, our team is here:

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Popular Industrial Cable Types

Taking your electrical, temperature, and other requirements into consideration, we'll match you to the right cables -- from conductor to jacketing.

  • Armored Cable
  • Audio Cable
    • Analog Audio Cable
    • Digital Audio Cable
    • Ethernet Snake Cable
    • Media Cable
    • Microphone Cable
    • Speaker Cable
  • Broadcast Cable
    • SDI Video Coax Cable
    • SMPTE Camera Cable
    • Video Triax Cable
    • Tactical Fiber Optic Cable
  • Coaxial & Triaxial Cable
    • Computer Cable
    • ControlNet Cable
    • DS3 Cable
    • DS4 Cable
    • RG11 Cable
    • RG59 Cable
    • RG6 Cable
    • Satellite Cable
    • Security Cable
  • Control Cable
  • Electronic Cable
    • Flat Ribbon Cable
    • Multi-Pair Cable
    • RS-232 Cable
    • RS-422 Cable
    • RS-423 Cable
    • RS-485 Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
    • Category 5e Cable
    • Category 3 Cable
    • Category 6 Cable
    • Category 6A Cable
    • Category 7 Cable
    • Category 7A Cable
    • Industrial Ethernet Cable
    • Remote IP Cable
  • Fiber-Optic Cable
    • Breakout Fiber Cable
    • Central Loose Tube Fiber Cable
    • Distribution Tight Buffer Fiber Cable
    • Hybrid Cable
    • Interconnect Fiber Cable
    • Mini Distribution Fiber Cable
    • Mini Fiber Cable
    • Multi-Loose Tube Fiber Cable
    • Ribbon Fiber Cable
    • SMPTE Cable
    • Tactical Fiber Cable
  • Fieldbus Cable
  • Flexible Cable
  • Instrumentation Cable
    • ACIC Cable
    • PLTC Cable
    • PVC Cable
    • Thermocouple Wire
  • Multiconductor Cable
  • Power Cable
    • Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cable
    • Industrial Power Cable
    • Low-Voltage Power Cable
    • Portable Cordage
  • Safety, Sound, & Security Cable
    • Access Control Cable
    • CCTV Cable
    • Burglar Alarm Cable
    • Fire Alarm Cable
  • Single Conductor Cable
  • Tray & TC Cable
  • VFD Cable
  • Video Cable
    • Coaxial Video Cable
    • HDBase-T Cable
    • CATV Cable
    • Commercial HDMI Cable