Through years of exposure in the market, Simcona has established relationships with leading manufacturers and sources a wide range of solutions.
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In the intricate world of wire and cable manufacturing, Atlas Wire, LLC has continually set benchmarks in the electronic, OEM, and distribution markets with its unparalleled product quality and adaptability to client needs.

They cater to a plethora of standards, from UL Appliance, UL Fixture, UL Insulated, UL Machine Tool, to Canadian Standards Association, Automotive, and even Military specifications. Their expertise is evident in their remarkable production record, having crafted over 4,900 distinct wire types ranging from 4 to 30 AWG.

Simcona – A Leading Atlas Wire Corporation Distributor 

Simcona is a top distributor of Atlas Wire, featuring a broad array of products:

• PVC insulated wires 
• Nylon insulated wires 
• Cross-linked Polyethylene insulated wires 
• Single or multi-conductor constructions 
• Wires conforming to UL, Automotive, Military, and custom specifications

Atlas Wires' commitment to superior product quality, flexibility, and production lead times set them apart. 

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