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With over 60 years of experience, Berk-Tek is a leading provider of high-performance fiber optic and copper cables designed for data, voice, and power transmission applications. Known for reliable, high-quality solutions, Berk-Tek offers easy installation, durable materials, and optimum performance for both data center and enterprise networks.

Simcona – A Berk-Tek Cable Distributor

Simcona is an authorized distributor of a wide range of Berk-Tek solutions, including:

• Cordsets for simplified network installations
• Fiber Optic Solutions for high-speed data transfers
• Industrial cables and connectivity options
• Network channel extension systems

Manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities in the United States, Berk-Tek cables ensure the highest quality and performance. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing, monitoring, and testing equipment is complemented by world-class labs and R&D departments focusing on cabling applications and new materials development. Coupled with Simcona’s own ISO 9001:2015 distribution certification, you can be assured you’ll receive the highest quality product that suits your needs.

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