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Who is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology through superior display and touch solutions?

Emerging Display Technologies provides a range of display and touch solutions that offer superior optical performance and functionality. The display technologies we offer include TFT, CSTN, STN, and FSTN, utilizing various methods of driver electronics on the module, such as COG (Chip on Glass), COB (Chip On Board), COF (Chip on Flex), TAB (Tape Automated Bonding), and FPC (Flexible Print Circuit Board). We have obtained several patents for CTP – Capacitive Touch Panels, enabling us to produce touch panels with multi-touch function and capability to operate behind integrated cover lenses of various materials and thicknesses.

Simcona — A Trusted Partner for Emerging Display Technologies

Simcona Electronics distributes Emerging Display Technologies’ advanced display solutions:

The Smart Embedded modules are highly integrated, providing all necessary components to control the Display, the Touchscreen, as well as the many Interfaces. Emerging Display Technologies is capable of customizing the products to your requirements, allowing for a one-stop-shopping experience for the display and touch solution suitable for your specific application.

Emerging Display Technologies’ commitment to innovation, coupled with Simcona’s expertise in distribution, ensures a partnership that delivers cutting-edge display solutions tailored to your needs.

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