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For nearly a century, Heyco Products Corp. has remained at the forefront of crafting top-notch wire protection products and stamped electrical components. Established in 1926 and later becoming a proud member of the PennEngineering family in 2016, Heyco blends timeless experience with cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques to cater to the most stringent application demands.

What distinguishes Heyco is its unparalleled ability to swiftly pivot from design and prototyping to high-volume manufacturing, ensuring that even the tightest "just-in-time" manufacturing schedules are seamlessly transformed from challenges into realities.

Simcona – An Authorized Distributor of Heyco Products

Simcona takes immense pride in representing Heyco's legacy and comprehensive product range:

• Conduit
• Hardware
• Insulation/Sleeving
• Tie Wraps/Terminals/Ducts

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified Heyco distributor, we can ensure timely deliveries of quality Heyco products and solutions.

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