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Quadristi LLC Showcased in NY-BEST's Membership Spotlight

February 23, 2017

Quadrsiti LLC, a Simcona Company, was featured in NY-BEST's (New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium) Membership Spotlight. Quadristi is one of the newest members of NY-BEST and will be attending their annual conference, Capture the Energy 2017, on March 8th & 9th in Albany, NY. See below Quadristi's Membership Spotlight: Quadristi LLC, based in Rochester, NY, is an Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) company, a certified UL 508A panel shop, and specializes in power and condition monitoring applications. The company has a team of seasoned professionals that includes electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, CAD designers and more.  Quadristi has worked in the utilities, transportation and industrial industries including multiple battery industry projects and work for the electric vehicle manufacturers. The... Continue Reading →