Electronic Component Sourcing Guide 2024

Parts procurement isn’t going back to the pre-2020 days. Ever.

With more products including electronic or “smart” technology, there’s a tidal wave of competition for key parts. Amid that shrinking landscape, outside factors (i.e. pandemics, politics) are changing the way you have to source – forever. 

Don’t scoff at the impact that agile, predictive sourcing solutions can have on the “new normal” of electronic component supply chain management.

Our free 2024 Guide to Electronic Component Sourcing will help you navigate:

  1. Global factors affecting availability
  2. Signs your supply chain needs greasing
  3. How YOU can relieve the stress of shortages
  4. Reshoring vs. offshoring
  5. Distribution vs. direct buys
  6. Vetting suppliers
The goal: to give you a road map for sourcing that’ll work both today and 5 years from now. Fill out the brief form on this page to get started.
Electronic Component Sourcing Guide

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What’s Inside: Electronic Component Sourcing Solutions

Supply chain challenges in the electronics industry have left little wiggle room for manufacturing, infrastructure, and other companies. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter look at how the 2024 Guide to Electronic Component Sourcing will give your operation much-needed breathing space:

Global Factors Affecting Your 2024 Supply Chain

  • New and lingering threats
  • Where shortages stand today (& tomorrow)

Signs Your Supply Chain Needs Greasing

  • Pricing
  • Lead times
  • Material hotspots
  • Overreliance on a single source
  • Opportunities for value-added services

How YOU Can Relieve Supply Chain Stress

  • 2024 inventory management best practices
  • Component database software
  • Working with a distributor
  • Adapting your design

Reshoring vs. Offshoring

  • The argument for overseas
  • The argument for bringing operations home

Distributor vs. Manufacturer

  • The good and bad of direct buys
  • The perks and risks of distribution

Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Contract

  • Inventory & stocking
  • Delivery & pipeline
  • Costs & terms
  • Quality & expertise
  • Support system

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