Simcona Celebrates Customer Success During Difficult Year

2020 was a difficult year for many manufacturers, but Simcona found ways to serve customers’ supply chain needs and help keep their production lines running. 

In 2020, Simcona Electronics Corporation completed one of the best years of its 50 years in business, as measured by revenue and new customer acquisitions. Many manufacturing customers suffered severe disruptions to their supply chain due to the pandemic. Long-time suppliers were no longer capable of delivering raw materials due to manufacturing operation shutdowns and delivery channel blockages. 

Simcona responded to these disruptions by offering expert sourcing and procurement services to help locate alternative suppliers, source from U.S. suppliers, locate inventory situated somewhere in the supply chain, help expedite shipments from supplier to manufacturer, and warehouse additional safety stock.

“Simcona had a great year because of our capabilities, supplier relationships, and deep expertise in sourcing and procurement,” stated Marc Iacona, CEO at Simcona. “Our goal was to keep our customers’ production lines up and running through this unprecedented time period.” 

A line down due to supply shortages can cost a manufacturing company millions of dollars in lost revenue. This lost revenue can be many times larger than the value of the missing component or assembly. 

Simcona has a unique network that includes U.S. suppliers, Global suppliers, and captive manufacturing. During 2020, Simcona tackled a shortage of cable and wire product by manufacturing short-run cable bundles in house. This kept several companies on schedule for their wire harness production. Simcona also implemented a COVID Containment Program from the very beginning. 

Administration transitioned to work-at-home and manufacturing reduced their team sizes and implemented split shifts. This meant that if an employee contracted the virus, only a small number of staff would be exposed. 

“As a team, we were proactive as to how we handled this unique situation.” According to Dawn Bertman, Executive Vice President of Sales. “We examined the situation from the perspective of our customers and our employees.”

Simcona is building on its supply chain services for 2021 by adding sourcing and procurement programs for new product development as well as annual programs that involve a wide range of projects and products. 


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