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When it comes to industrial or commercial facilities, there's no room for compromise on power system protection. That's where Bussmann Series Fuses, by Eastman, come into play. These fuses are essential components that deliver reliable and maximum protection to power systems.

Why Choose Bussmann Series Fuses?

  • Precision in Protection: Bussmann Series Fuses are meticulously designed to ensure the highest level of protection for your critical power systems.
  • Fused to Perfection: Their physical size and rejection features make it impossible to replace a fuse with one from another fuse class, eliminating the risk of mismatched replacements.
  • Consistent Performance: Bussmann Series Fuses guarantee that the correct replacement fuse is always installed, maintaining the same voltage and interrupting ratings.

Simcona- An Eaton Bussmann Fuse Distributor

  • Fuse
  • Fuse Holders

When you partner with Simcona Manufacturing, you gain access to Bussmann Series Fuses, ensuring that your power systems are safeguarded with the best-in-class protection. Simcona's commitment to quality, backed by its ISO 9001:2015 distribution certification, ensures that you receive these critical components precisely when you need them.
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