Through years of exposure in the market, Simcona has established relationships with leading manufacturers and sources a wide range of solutions.
If you don't see the manufacturer you're looking for below, chances are good that we have a relationship with them. 

Hamsar – A Methode Electronics Company, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive lighting and electronic solutions. Established over 35 years ago, Hamsar has become a global leader in creating custom-tailored lighting and electronic solutions for specialized vehicular sectors, spanning from Heavy Equipment and Powersports to Bus & Rail and Material Handling.

Simcona – A Premier Distributor for Hamsar Products

Simcona is an authorized distributor of Hamsar's top-tier products:
• Audible Signal Devices
• Lamps/Indicators
• LEDs
• Power Solutions
• Relays

Hamsar doesn't merely manufacture; they innovate. With an in-house engineering department and a state-of-the-art testing facility, they ensure that product design and development remain central to their operations. 

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