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In the realm of sensors and switches, Honeywell has set the gold standard for excellence and expertise in the realm of sensors and switches. With a staggering catalog of over 50,000 products, Honeywell caters to the needs of a wide variety of industries, no matter the scale or complexity.

While their standard switch and sensor solutions effortlessly cater to a wide spectrum of applications, their custom-engineered offerings take precision, repeatability, and ruggedness to unprecedented levels, tailor-made for each industry's specific requirements.

imcona – A Trusted Honeywell Distributor

As a leading distributor, Simcona takes pride in representing Honeywell and its stellar range of products:

• Snap Action Switches
• Limit Switches
• Toggle Switches
• Pressure Switches
• Position Sensors
• Speed Sensors
• Pressure Sensors
• Torque Sensors
• Airflow Sensors

In partnership with distributors like ISO-certified Simcona, Honeywell ensures that businesses not only receive top-tier products but also benefit from unmatched sales support and expertise.

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