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What sets a security company apart in today's digital world? A footprint in over 500 countries, 100+ strategic partnerships, and a commitment to innovation in security technology.

IDIS Global, a comprehensive security solutions provider, excels in designing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge surveillance solutions. Catering to various commercial and public sector markets, IDIS Global is a behemoth in the field of video surveillance.

Simcona -- An IDIS Global Authorized Distributor

As an authorized distributor, Simcona can connect you to a vast range of IDIS Global products and technologies:

Video Surveillance Systems
IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA)
Security Recorders
AI-Driven Security Cameras
NDAA Compliant Equipment

With over two million recorders and 16.5 million cameras equipped with IDIS technology installed globally, IDIS revolutionizes security by using Artificial Intelligence and deep learning algorithms. Their IDLA system performs complex surveillance tasks with an astounding 98% accuracy rate.

Quality, Compliance, and Reliability

As an NDAA-compliant company, IDIS Global ensures the utmost security, reliability, and compliance. Their robust quality control processes further underscore their commitment to delivering the best in the industry.
Sincona shares the same quality ethos with its own ISO 9001:2015 distribution certification. A supplier relationship with IDIS and Simcona ensures top-of-the-line, compliant, and highly effective security solutions for your needs.

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