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Who leads the way in electrical power and advanced material solutions, with a heritage spanning over a century?

Mersen is a global expert in electrical power and advanced materials for high-tech industries, boasting over 135 years of experience, with more than 50 industrial sites and 16 R&D centers in 35 countries. Mersen Electrical Power provides a broad portfolio of products in electrical protection and control, offering solutions for power management applications across commercial, industrial, renewable energies, power electronics, and E-mobility sectors.

Simcona — A Leading Distributor for Mersen’s Comprehensive Electrical Solutions

Simcona Electronics is proud to distribute a wide range of Mersen’s products:

  • Overcurrent protection (including UL/CSA fuses, IEC fuses, medium voltage fuses, high-speed semiconductor protection fuses, DC fuses, power distribution blocks)
  • Surge protection (including Surge-Trap® SPDs with Thermally Protected MOV technology)
  • High power switching (on-load switches and off-load disconnectors)
  • Power transfer for rail vehicles (earth current return units, current collector devices, fuse boxes)
  • Power Conversion (cooling products, bus bars, high-speed fuses, capacitors)

Mersen has integrated its product expertise into customer applications to make them safe, reliable, and profitable. With a focus on overcurrent and surge protection, high power switching, power transfer for rail vehicles, and power conversion, Mersen offers an extensive product catalog that addresses the needs of various key markets.

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