Simcona Electronics, First 50 Years

When Simon Braitman and Louis Iacona established Simcona Electronics Corporation 
in 1962, they set up shop in a 2000 square feet building located near Kodak Park at 
101 Ridge Road West. As the full service electronics distributor's business grew, 
so did its need for space. In 1969 the company moved to a new larger building at 
275 Mt. Read Blvd, where it still resides today.

Dramatic challenges in the electronic industry have propelled Simcona to 
continually strive to differentiate itself from its respected competition while never 
losing sight of its commitment to providing exceptional service and products.

In 1969 Simcona started an electronics trade show that drew more than sixty 
major manufacturers and over two thousand customers annually to the Rochester area. 
The highly informative event fosters a unique opportunity for customers and suppliers 
to communicate their needs and capabilities with one another.

Simcona also expanded its strategic focus from local to regional, opening branches 
in the Mid-Atlantic, Ohio, New England, Florida and London, Ontario. Its headquarters 
remains in Rochester, New York. 

Simcona Electronics, Owners 
Simcona Electronics Today, Present Time

Simcona has grown to become one of the largest stocking distributors in upstate 
New York, continuing to expand throughout the eastern seaboard, the Mid-Atlantic 
states and across Canada.

Marc Iacona (Louis's son) purchased Simcona Electronics in 2011. The company now occupies 
almost 100,000 square feet, represents more than 100 leading manufacturers, 
including long-time contracts with Honeywell, Alpha, Belden and ebm-papst, 
and is a premier Analog Signal Chain Solutions Provider serving clients in a 
wide range of industries concentrating on electronic components, wire, cable 
and data communication products.

Simcona Electronics is passionately focused on providing its customers with 
a complete solution. Account Managers work in tandem with their Field Applications Engineer 
and manufacturer representatives to present each customer with total solutions tailored 
to their individual needs. Simcona stays true to its service motto, 'What you need, 
where and when you need it; nothing less.'

Simcona Electronics, Changes, Current, Office
Simcona Electronics, Future
Changes will continue to be made in order to ensure Simcona's commitment to customer service. 
Simcona's management is focused on continuous training and education of its staff on both 
personal and professional levels as well as strengthening relationships with their extraordinary vendors.
The Simcona trade show continues today in what is now called the 'Simcona Sim-Posium' 
and is also held in other cities such as Boston, further emphasizing its customer focus commitment.
Simcona looks forward to 'Driving Customer Success' providing customers with 
trained technical staff able to service any product requirements for the next 50 years.
Simcona Electronics Corporation is proud to be a member of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.
Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce Member | Simcona Electronics Corporation, Rochester NY